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Our Process:

Designed in Parkland, Florida

Curated for the world.

In addition to handmaking her own pieces, Owner and Designer, Jackie Menkes, creates her line and brings her vision to life by working with the most prestigious creators from around the globe -- many based in the USA. 

Through this creative process, she is able to curate high quality and exclusive collections featuring fine and fashion jewelry, accessories, and clothing for the modern and edgy woman. 

Explore our terminology to learn more about Jacqueline Rose Jewelry.

Glossary of Jewelry Terms

Fashion Jewelry

These pieces are plated over high quality metals including brass, copper, stainless steel or titanium and include many of our best sellers at an affordable price. This process is achieved by polishing and plating materials with 1 micron of gold or silver. The jewelry is then finished with an e-coating, making the piece resistant to tarnish and general wear and tear. It is not recommended to wear fashion jewelry in water or have it exposed to daily chemicals. With proper care, such as storing your pieces in a jewelry box or tight compartment each night, fashion jewelry can last many years.

Gold Filled or Dipped Jewelry

These pieces are constructed in two or three layers of 14kt gold over brass. The product is easy to care for and will usually maintain its golden shine for a lifetime. These collections are a good solution for those looking for a more durable product that is less expensive than solid fine jewelry. 

Sterling Silver and Vermeil

Sterling Silver is made up of 92.5% pure silver. When properly cared for, Sterling Silver is appropriate for everyday wear and has a longer expected lifetime than fashion jewelry.

Vermeil is Sterling Silver that is plated in 18k Gold or 18k Rose Gold. Plating is heavier than our fashion jewelry, giving it more resistance to signs of wear.

Fine Jewelry

Our fine jewelry collections consist of solid 14kt, 18kt, and 24kt gold, white gold and rose gold, as well as Sterling Silver and Vermeil products and are quality marked. We also use natural gemstones and diamonds, listing the total carat weight. Some collections are made with CZ, also known as Cubic Zirconia, as well as Swarovski Crystals - which are desirable and high quality simulated diamonds. Fine jewelry is recommended for those who never like to take their jewelry off. These luxurious collections are created to be adorned for a lifetime.